Friday, August 21, 2015

8 Steps to Breakdown Level 91

So I'm up to Breakdown Level 91 and I've spent the past few weeks fine tuning my strategy to optimize performance. Here is how I complete levels sometimes as quickly as 3 hours! That includes the hour it takes no matter what to completely fix the RV.

1. Loot immediate area, drop rucksacks near camper but not in it.

2. Find a car.

3. Drive back to camper and put rucksacks in it.

4. Drive to new base. I like Kirkman's or Savini's depending on which one I'm closer to.

Why Kirkman's or Savini's? Keep in mind my situation: my characters are 7 stars and nobody is injured/sick. I only need 8 beds and a kitchen for now. Savini's has better immediate access to supplies, but at this point I know all the best fields and locations to loot that I need with 90% chance of the specific supplies I want being there. Kirkman's is easier to get outposts set up in because the houses have very little loot, but you have to drive a little further for the oil and materials you need.

5. Only build what I absolutely need. If I have no sick or injured, I don't build a medical facility. I usually build the gun tower. That's it. Don't worry, you can leave blank spots on your home tab, even if Lilly protests.

6. I rotate between looting and building outposts. I only loot nearby buildings that I know have supplies I want or are needed for an outpost. If anyone isn't perfectly happy, I use them to do this.

7. Once this is done it's usually night, so I spend that time driving and looking for the RV. I have the spots all memorized so only the forests are dangerous to traverse at night (and I will save them for daytime). While going around the map I will get what I need from stops along the way.

8. Once the RV is found it's just a matter of grabbing what's needed and I spend the hour or so this takes doing easy missions to sell off my excess items in my stash to other groups. If I REALLY need help getting supplies I will recruit a new group of survivors and parade them around the map until I have the supplies and then return them to base.

Six Examples of easy, guaranteed loot:

  1. Bridges leading to the north section (blocked off for most of the single player campaign) will have medicine or ammo.
  2. The fields south of the farm have guaranteed materials and oil caches. There are three oil (including a shed) and three materials locations.
  3. The large warehouse southwest of the farm always has great oil and materials.
  4. The warehouse just east of Snyders has the most oil/materials chance in the game.
  5. The building just west of the Alamo has a street entrance with guaranteed materials.
  6. There are oil drums in the fields just north / across the road of the east most entrance to Marshal.

All these places are easy to loot and safe with the use of a firework or leaving your car far from your destination like I mentioned in the Safe Areas post.

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