Thursday, February 13, 2014

7 Reasons Blunt is the Best Weapon Spec in State of Decay

Blunt is the best weapon spec in State of Decay. Unless my character is reflex (spin kick makes blunt spec redundant) they always get blunt now for their weapon spec. For a while I only played as edge and heavy, but then I forced myself to experiment with blunt. I'm so happy that I did and I recommend this spec for everyone who reads this blog. Why did I choose something that 99% of the player base ignores/hates/etc?

Here are 7 reasons that Blunt is the best weapon spec in State of Decay.

1. It Looks Good on the Leaderboards

Blunt weapons give you points every time you get a kill. If you chop off zombie legs with the other weapons then you must execute again to get your 11 points for the kill. Otherwise the zombie dies off during the battle and you get 0 points.

2. 90% Knockdown Chance

Blunt weapon spec adds 300% to knockdown chance. It's already around a 30% chance when you're a 1 star character, so that means you are going to knock a zombie down almost every single time (close to 90% from my testing so far).

3. Uppercut

While uppercutting (blunt ability unlocked at level 4) you can immediately execute. This will send your character flying after the zombie you just hit with upper cut and then you execute the zombie wherever it landed. This is remarkably fast, keeps you moving forward, and is in my opinion BETTER than any other spec's "instant kill" ability. Obviously this is an abuse of the game mechanics and not intended, but I don't think anyone would consider it cheating.

4. Powerhouses are Better With Blunt

A max level powerhouse using blunt spec will have a decent chance to kill someone as well as the crazy high chance to knock them down. This combination is the greatest chance to disable or kill zombies per swing except for spin kick, which is a 100% chance.

I want to reiterate this point for those people who think stacking the kill chances from edged and powerhouse is better than going blunt and powerhouse. Let's pretend that it's a 10% chance to instant kill and 30% chance to knockdown at level one. So that's our baseline. Now, a powerhouse edged character ends up getting +475% kill chance for a total of 57.5% chance to kill per hit and 0% knockdown. If the powerhouse character goes blunt instead, then they will have a 40% chance to instant kill and a 90% chance to knockdown. Which do you think works better now?

Just so you know, if indeed my math is correct, you have a 96% chance to disable the zombie (kill or knock down) with a fully maxed out blunt + powerhouse character. Shame so few takes their characters to the point of seeing this!

5. Two Heads are Better Than One

Blunt can hit two targets at a time with just the regular swing. Edged cannot, making it less effective against groups. Heavy can hit three targets but costs more energy to use and is much slower.

6. Get Over Here!

Uppercut will send the zombie flying forward, and in case you don't to warp with them (see reason #3 again if you forgot this trick already) then you can let the zombies body stagger any of its friends that it comes in contact with.

7. Not Just for the Weak

I've seen a lot of people who only use blunt weapons on their worthless characters and one stars. As soon as they hit level four in fighting they graduate to the "better" weapons and take on a weapon spec of edged or heavy. Because of this fact, very few people actually try out blunt weapon specs! I have found that characters who keep using Blunt remain safer than edged/heavy even when their cardio stat is very low.

8. Old Reliable

Here's an extra reason just because I feel like it (and because this is a weaker reason than the others). Blunt is the only spec that doesn't really have a shortfall or weakness, which is why we all use it for our weakest characters to begin with! Heavy is slow and edged is extremely random. Blunt is fast and reliable. Yeah, you have to perform executions, but it's fun to knock down an incoming horde with a few swings and then gingerly execute them all. Feels bad ass!

Another aspect of the game that people ignore are guns that cannot be silenced (shotguns and revolvers are the biggest culprits). I think an article for this blog on why those guns can be the best in the game would be good food for thought as well. But for now, excuse my bluntness and go try blunt weapon spec.


  1. I've never actually tried blunt on a powerhouse-I have several extra powerhouses and am going to immediately. Thanks!

  2. Couldn't agree more! I use blunt for all my characters except Maya. Maxed blunt-powerhouses can obliterate hoards!

  3. I get down with the blunt setup. It gets redundant but it works well.