Sunday, February 9, 2014

Screamers, Bloaters, Big Uns, and Ferals OH MY!

Here are my tactics for killing every single special / freak zombie in the game.

  • car
  • firebomb
  • explosive
  • silenced gun
  • melee weapon
  • stealth kill
With regards to the melee weapon, I highly recommend sprinting at them and using a regular attack. You have to be careful to let go of the sprint so that you don't perform a special attack which will in turn give the screamer enough time to bellow.

  • gun
Yeah they really didn't leave you with many options here did they? You either shoot these balloons of gas or you end up getting sick. Even using the car doesn't work because the gas will stick to your vehicle! One exception to this is when the bloater explodes himself because he's near  your car, but not because you hit him. Then you just get a little gas and drive past the rest.  This is why I recommend using a gun among the other items you should carry!

Big Uns
  • high caliber gun
  • grenade launcher
  • explosives
  • firebombs
  • melee with nearby walls
DO NOT waste a car killing Big Uns. Instead, use high capacity ammunition with focus aim or explosives to shred these monstrosities quickly. Two steel pipe bombs will kill them, and that's my preferred method from a distance. Big Uns are the only freaks that will occasionally kill my characters. Either they spawn on a nearby runner or worse, they come charging in while another freak has me down/distracted. Most people hate Ferals, but I hate the wide hit box of the Big Uns. You can survive a Feral's pounce with a barrel roll, but that's not always the case with a Big Un who's off screen charging in!

If you want to melee then you need nearby walls for them to crash into. Wait near a wall for a Big Un to charge, then dive out of the way after he begins to sprint at you. If you do it too late he'll get you, too soon and he'll change direction. Maybe practice with someone you don't like hehe.

This one time, two Big Uns ran into each other with their charge and one killed the other. It was the most glorious moment in my gaming history. I nearly died from laughing at the screen.

  • dodge then execute
  • focus aim
  • car
  • melee "dance"
I don't recommend attempting to use firebombs, explosives, etc on Ferals. They are too fast so only use those options when they are sitting still. But then, wouldn't you want to shoot them in the head for an easier kill? Focus aim is necessary once the Feral is closer to you because otherwise he will attempt to dodge your shots. You can get a shot in quickly when he first yells, but after that it's quite hard. Instead of shooting, you should be running either at the feral or away from it as he pounces. Once his feet leave the ground, barrel roll out of the way to the side or away. Then roll right back onto the feral and execute it. If you're surrounded by zombies, it is better to take a few hits from them getting your execute on the feral than taking a pounce to the face.

If you have to melee a feral (possibly you already were pounced) then you need to follow a very basic strategy: attack the feral until you miss, then press dodge. Once a feral dodges your attack, he is going to immediately jump forward and smack you. Dodging at this point breaks up his attacks and allows you to once again hit him. Continue this dance until the feral falls so that you can execute him.

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