Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Max Inventory and No Influence

This is a real problem that some people run into who aren't used to Breakdown: they hit the maximum inventory limit just as they spend their last influence. It's a soul crushing situation to the initiates, and I'm certain that many people quit because of it. Here's how I dealt with the situation when it happened to me on Breakdown 7 and how you can copy my advice regardless of whether you're in story mode or stockpiling in Breakdown.

Part of fixing the problem is not letting it happen. You should avoid selling weapons to your own storage locker unless you actually will use them. Nobody needs 20 pistols and 12 assault rifles. Stick to a few of your favorites and throw the rest to enclaves. If you have nobody to sell the item to, then don't pick it up unless you absolutely need the influence! For example, I stick to a few favorite 30 round machine guns, 100 round rifles, 15 round shotguns, 6 shot grenade launchers, and a small collection of pistols. At any one time I'll usually try to stick to like 30 guns and 20 melee weapons.

What should you pick up? All the stacking items like medicines, firebombs, etc. These can stack up to 255 each which is a lot of influence per storage space. You see, each storage square is added up amongst all the tabs to determine if  you hit the limit. So 60 rounds of ammo takes up the same amount of space towards the limit as 16 suppressors or a backpack or a machete.

Bags should be picked up at first, but then you should limit yourself to the bigger version, and once everyone has some plus a few extra you should stop picking them up all together.

Ammo should be picked up and carried by the characters you aren't playing due to the 60 ammo bug that reduces any stack above 60 down to that amount once you log out. It's a good way to store influence between days and even breakdown levels, as it is a 1 to 1 influence conversion. Only other item like that are the improvised suppressors at 2 influence each.

Everything you aren't selling to the storage locker at home should be shipped to enclaves. Once those enclaves fill up, you will have to wait until the next day to sell to them again. Remember how each square counts as one slot for inventory? It works for enclaves as well, so buying their ammo, medicine, firecrackers, etc will free up slots for your more expensive equipment to be sold. An example would be buying 3 firecrackers in order to sell a candlestick. You spent 18 influence and got back like 50 so that's a 32 influence profit.

OK, so you know how to avoid this situation, but how do you get out of it? You need to do something I call purging. First off, realize that you may have to wait until the next simulation in order to get influence from your accumulated fame. You should receive half your fame in influence each simulation. But if you're at 0, go do the following strategies:

  1. Climb a tower and look around. Even without a mission you will get 25 influence for spotting all the nearby hordes.
  2. Search areas for resources. Once found, call in for scavengers and take the resources back yourself. You'll get influence for completing both missions and it only costs 10 to begin. If you don't have 10, then loot one back to get to 25 influence first.
  3. Complete any and all missions you can with just a car. This way you don't waste influence on medicine and snacks staying alive. This includes hunt missions (honk), distractions (honk repeatedly), and infestations (honk some more).

Use what influence you have to buy items in your locker and then sell them to enclaves. You'll lose influence doing this, but it's the only way to make space in your locker. This is the "purge" part that I was talking about. At first, you'll want to focus on your cheapest items, like any 6 influence two by fours or maybe you have a random landmine that you don't intend on using. Also a few backpacks might be burning holes in your inventory. Get the cheap stuff out early and sell it to the enclaves to cut your losses.

While removing the cheap stuff, go look around in material and ammo areas for really expensive items. Like grenade launchers or 5 durability weapons. Sell these to the enclaves and use the influence to buy more items from your inventory to sell as well.

If there are no enclaves then all you can do is build up influence and continue to buy from your own locker. Cut down on how much you use items to reduce costs and try to do missions with your car whenever feasible.

I usually purge my inventory at the end of a gaming session when I have like 800-1200 influence built up. By not accepting my enclaves right away, I leave myself the option of selling to them before bringing them into my team. I cannot stress the importance of not looting everything and utilizing the storage lockers of enclaves frequently.

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