Friday, February 21, 2014

Too Many Happy Hordes

At the start of each mission, I do not turn on my expanded outposts right away. Instead, I run around in vehicles on my unhappy characters, squishing the hordes that spawn. As soon as the character I'm using is in a happy state (smiley face regardless of what the word is), I then go back home to switch to another sad face character.

Doing this will often turn 2-3 of my characters happy from the very beginning of my play through. Once the "too many hordes" goes away on the map screen, I then turn on my outpost traps and go back to work as usual.

I'm currently playing with 23 characters and 3 bed facilities (24 bed) so that the only way my people get sad is if they have domestic disputes or recover from illness/injury. Sometimes I log in and nobody is upset at all! Because so many people are happy gathering resources (see infinite resources strategy) and sleep deprivation is a non-issue (see sleep deprivation strategy) I literally could last forever on this level. Last time I logged in I made 1 materials even though I should have lost 19. That's because of all the assertive people in my group making supply runs during the simulation.

I am torn between moving on to the next breakdown level and just seeing how long I could last with this group of 23. If I wanted I could destroy my kitchen (only non bed facility besides built in stuff and medical facility) and put in a fourth bedroom. We'll see ;)

As always I am headache4you on XBOX if you have any questions.

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  1. I somehow got the impression from a previous post that you were going to explain a little deeper on how happiness and mood affects scavenging, or other things like fights and whatnot.

    I assume Psychopaths and Jerks are right out, but have you also eliminated Braggarts, Autocrats, and other not-so-nice types? Have you done any experimentation playing only idealists? Team Moms, Team Players, Gossips, etc.

    I also was hoping to glean from you exactly what the Counseling skill does. Does it only get triggered in terrible situations like suicide attempts, or does it moderate other behavior as well? The sub-list of things shown in the details of the skill is pretty extensive...